SOUTH SUDAN Prophetic Flag

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Located in the central Africa it is a land locked nation with the Nile river flowing through many tributaries. South Sudan separated from Sudan in 2011 to escape being forced into Islam. 85% of the population claim Christianity yet a majority of these practice ancestral animistic indigenous beliefs mixed in, especially “scarification”
Their flag has the traditional Aramaic colors, but they changed the meaning of the colors and it is not a flag announcing Islam-- only a tiny percent are Islam. Black=the people, red=their blood , green= the land, blue= the nile river, white= peace, yellow star= unity of states/tribes
Their motto is “ Justice, Liberty, Prosperity”

The many years of civil war resulted in many Sudanese being assimilated into nearby nations, and the last three years a new civil war has erupted between the two ruling tribes vying for power; close to a million orphans as of 12/16 and the culture has been shattered with many barely able to trace their tribal roots. Children are treated as property, sex slaves and inducted into the army very young and it is feared a massive genocide is coming.

My heart wept for the children and innocent caught in this web of destruction and war.
In Christ ALONE is salvation, hope, identity.

“In Christ Alone” is a modern hymn that seeks to direct the worshipers thoughts to the fullness of Gods love,mercy, sacrifice, and wrath against sin.

Saw a white cross central to the flag with a yellow star in its middle surrounded by winds of adversity.