Namibia Prophetic Flag

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Anthem- “Land of the Brave”
A nation in Southern Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean and South Africa on the south. It gained its independence from South Africa in 1990. It has a large arid desert, the Namib, which makes it one of the least populated nations of the world, with a majority of them Bantu. But Nambians enjoy high political, economic and social stability.

Religion-75% Protestant (50% Lutheran) 10-20% indigenous,


Reminded of David going against Goliath with his sling and stone. The shape of Namibia reminds me of a net or pouch-- the Hebrew sling was a strip of leather with a pouch for the stone. David carried a pouch to put the 5 stones in that he picked up to slay Goliath.

See this nation as one to stop the Goliath of Islam & Catholicism in Africa. A sling in the hand of God to shoot out “The Rock”