Somalia Prophetic Flag

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A country in east Africa it is known as the Horn of Africa because it juts out like a rhinoceros horn into the gulf of Aden pointing to Saudi Arabia. It has the longest coast line of any African nation and is a nation of Islam.

RELIGION_ 85% of its people are ethnically Somalis with the official languages of Somali and Arabic with the majority being Sunni Muslim (99%) practicing Sharia law, female mutilation, child marriages, low HIV,

It is thought to be the land of biblical land of Phut. Phut in the bible is a descendent of Noah through Ham. Egypt described it as “The land of THE God”.

In the news 2/27/17-- US expanding forces to fight Al Qaeda mililants in Somalia and is on the list of travel ban & no immigration because of radical terrorist.


The Sword of the Lord is against you because of Islam ruling the land & people.
Rejection (of the Cross and Jesus Christ) brings the curse, God cannot bless what wont be recieved.
Seeing a fiery sword descending from heaven with a cross handle & shadow on blood red background