CAMEROON Prophetic Flag

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A country in Central Africa it is bordered by Nigeria in the “armpit” of Africa. It is referred to as “ Africa in miniature” because of its geological and cultural diversity. It has 3 water bodies for coastline beaches, mountains, deserts, rainforests and savannas.

Health-- nearly 40% in Poverty, 36% of children are malnourished and stunted from inadequate nutrition, malaria is high and nearly 20% of deaths of under 5 yr olds are malaria, cholera is epidemic during the wet season by contaminated wells and snail disease (from contaminated fresh water,- a flatworm causing poor growth, learning difficulties, kidney -liver-bladder cancer/failure, infertility. Tsetse fly sleeping disease common-extreme fatigue, weakness,neurological / mind disorders that infects humans & animals. The tsetse fly could be the source of the poverty because it kills the plough animals needed to farm, creating a cycle of lack.

Polygamy is practiced, a male dominated culture with violence and discrimination against women common.

Religion= Catholic 40%, Protestant 30%, Muslim 18% indigenous beliefs are often blended with Christian.

How Jesus longs for a more intimate relationship! Heard that song “Come running, come running after you...”. Running water was a sign of purification.
Its shape reminds me of a Dr. Seuss bird- a call children.

Much of their problems revolve around unclean water and pestilence, little creatures creating huge destruction. Mosquito’s, snails, flies.

Ecc 10:1 Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour

Corrupt things mingled with Jesus causes uncleanness, impurities in our relationship that robs us of the Blessings and Best that God has for us. Robs us of generational blessings and opens doors for generational curses. Don’t mingle anything with the Blood, for its ONLY the BLOOD of Jesus that can kill the curse.

Saw a cross dripping oil, blood and pooled around the base is dead snail, fly, mosquito.