Cheshvan Prophetic Worship Flag

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Cheshvan is the Eighth month on the Hebrew monthly civil calendar and corresponds to mid Oct-Nov on the Grecian calander. Eight is the number for New Beginnings and Eternal Revelation. It is the month when The Flood began and then ended a year later and Gods covenant sign of the rainbow was given. Cheshvan is the only month without a holiday, and so the Jews believe it is a time “reserved” for Messiah. It is associated with myrrh, which is an fragrant anointing oil of healing & restoration.

Cheshvan is associated with the tribe of Manasseh. Manesseh means to forget your painful past and leap away. During the exodus the camp of Ephraim included the tribes of Ephraim, Manasseh and Benjamin. Manasseh was the first son of Joseph and along with his brother Ephraim each received territory in the Promised land. Manesseh divided and half of the tribe settled on either side of the Jordan.

Cheshvan is associated with the Hebrew letter of “nun” which symbolizes the Messiah, our Deliverer. The letter “nun” is written in two forms, one is upright as a King, the other visualizes a humbled man bending over. This form is most closely associated with Cheshvan.

Cheshvan is associated with the constellation of Scorpio in that it is a month to remember to overcome by the blood of Jesus and stomp on scorpions and serpents. It is a month of victory and destroying the works of poison in our lives.

Cheshvan stone is the Onyx which comes in many colors. The yellow onyx is ribbed with black (darkness) being scattered by yellow(light) and strips of red (blood) and purple (king).

The visual symbol on the flag is of a foot crushing the head of the serpent as the rain of Holy Spirit falls. Floods & rivers come to wash away death and birth the promise redemption of God. In the corner is the word “Messiah” written in English & Hebrew with a rainbow behind it.