SUDAN Prophetic Flag

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A nation in North Africa bordering Egypt, it is also known as North Sudan since South Sudan gained independence in 2011. It is 97% Islam nation with Islam symbols on the flag, Arabic as its language, and Allah in its anthem. It is the third largest nation of Africa and the Arab world. The river Nile splits the nation east -west.

Home to the Darfur region where horrible atrocities have been committed by the government & rebels, Sharia Law is practiced with death by stoning & flogging, its President as a candidate was a international criminal and still wanted by the USA.

It is considered one of the most corrupt nations in the world. It has an “alarming” high hunger index making it the 5th hungriest nation of the world and has one of the lowest human development indexes. The nation has international sanctions trying to get it to treat its people right. Before South Sudan succeeded it was one of the wealthiest nations because of the oil & gas fields, but most of them went with South Sudan, leaving agriculture as its main income--but with the war, the people are starving.

In the news 5/17- Sudan’s President refused to join with the other Arab nations at a summit where President Trump was the featured speaker

Where there is no love of the True God; mercy, grace, peace and provision flees.

Saw a Dove lifting off the land with these attributes in its wings