AV Prophetic Worship Flag

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AV is the 5th month of the Hebrew monthly calendar and is the month associated with the Tribe of Simeon and correlates to our Grecian calendar from mid July-August. It was the month of AV when the people chose to believe the negative report from the ten spy’s and refused to enter the Promise Land because of fear and unbelief . Because of this, Jewish history is filled with destruction and loss in the month of AV, it is a month of mourning & fear. The Redemptive call for the month of AV is that God had intended to bring Israel into the Promised land and that this would be a month for rejoicing at His goodness. It is supposed to be a time to celebrate entering into the promises of God.

The Hebrew Letter associated with AV is TET, which resembles a womb-- a month when the earth contracts and new things are revealed in the earth realm. AV literally means “father” whose root means “to will” or “to desire”.

Simeon was known as an instigator of violence who sinned against his father at Shechem by murdering those his father was making covenant with. Because of this, Jacob spoke a curse over Simeon that he would be scattered and dispersed; this was fulfilled in the promised land as the tribe of Simeon was assimilated into Judah. The Redemptive prophetic decree is that the son will hear and obey the father and not lose identity or inheritance.

Simeon means “to hear” and in tandem with the letter TET and the constellation of Leo we get the prophetic vision of a roaring lion decreeing the will of the Father.

The stone for Simeon is the emerald, the color Green. When God ordered the tribes to camp around the Tabernacle, He established “the camp of Reuben” and camped with him were Simeon and Gad. These three are the most fierce warriors of all the tribes. So the letters on the flag are in black for the warfare spirit.

The heart of the Father is to restore His children’s inheritance. In the proverb of The prodigal son, we see the father restores by giving the signet ring of authority and covenant. The circle shape also symbolizes the earth and within the shape are twin mountains for double inheritance ( Simeon was the second son of Jacob) and the sky is in rainbow hues to symbolize the everlasting covenant of our loving Father.